Monday, March 23, 2009

xds and nyctaper and megapuss

so just a bit of miscellany.

jared suggested i check out experimental dental school, who are offering their new album for free here.  i haven't decided what i quite think of them yet, but it's an interesting listen.  and i think it will grow on me.

please check out the kids at, they have turned me on to more good music than anywhere else on the internet in the past month.  sure they might be obsessed with woodsist records, but now so am i and the happier for it.

and one last suggestion.  megapuss.  it's devendra banhart's side project a la frank zappa that came out late late last year.  it's a good antidote to those of you who think he's just another weirdo freak folkster.  it's a hilarious and catchy psych/folk rock record.  i wish more indie kids just stop being serious for a minute and write such a good album off the cuff like devendra did with the megapuss LP.  anyway check them out on myspace, iTunes, hypemachine or whereever the hipster congregate on the web.  and if you like i am upload the whole album.....too tired to bother with it right now.

more later.

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