Thursday, March 26, 2009

death to the good indie music zines.

today i was saddened when twitter informed me that Blender magazine died.  in fact the issue on the stands right now is the last.  i've never been a fan of maxim, or its men's magazine cohorts, but blender was the bratty little kid in the mainstream music publishing world.  it wanted to best spin and rolling stone, which isn't very difficult, and yammer on about music for music sake.  yeah it was equivalent of 120 minutes justifying watching MTV, but all those layovers in terrible airports were more pleasant when you could read about music you actually cared about.

blender is just another victim of the bad economy and the internet.

of course some of the best zines are short lived.  the indie scene rises and falls with its magazines.  new ones need to replace the tired publications.  yet i will miss blender, just as i miss punk planet........


2die4 said...

i hear that a new and fancy fresh zine is coming out of the twin cities/chicago area sometime soon.

j. amadeus markley said...

yeah i hope.