Tuesday, March 17, 2009

rough draft: top albums of 09 so far

obits- i blame you
animal collective- merriweather post pavilion 
wavves- s/t
handsome furs- face control
pains of being pure of heart- s/t
black lips- 200 million thousand

i need to keep a running list because generally albums released in the first three months of the year get overlooked in my year end best of--which just is not fair.  

(ie.  black mountain's in the future fell off my best of 2008 because it came out in february, and it is an album i listen to quite a bit.  and animal collective released their new album the first tuesday of this year, which is just asking to be forgotten by august.)


Ben Miller said...

Have you heard the new Thermals yet? The link I used has since gone dead, here is another, which I assume will work: http://lix.in/-3e6409 I'm about halfway through and I really like it.

Also, I know you like Pink Mountaintops: http://rapidshare.com/files/210819572/pmnttops_.rar haven't listened to this one yet.

j. amadeus markley said...

sweet. i've been looking for those two albums

O-Face said...

I agree with handsome furs & black lips. thx for those. also agree that early stuff gets forgotten later on when its time to do the year wrap up.

p.s. thanks for the shoegaze def.

2die4 said...

matt & kim