Friday, March 27, 2009

condo fucks

i hadn't thought much about the yo la tengo for years until this month.  all of a sudden those kids are everywhere.  playing pitchfork fest.  the soundtrack they did for the movie old joy (yeah its a couple of years old, but i just realized it was them doing the music)...and their new side project, the condo fucks. i imagine most bands wouldn't even think of pulling off something like this.  bands do cover albums, yes, but do they change their name for such an album while aping the style of music they're covering so close, you could pretend its all original work?  

yo la tengo as the condo fucks sounds like big star played through a slacker lo-fi filter that bands such as them and pavement perfected in the mid-ninties.  it's endearing to think yo la tengo became a band so that they could play songs of this caliber, and only after years of inspiring the indie rock scene do they take the time to have some fun and pretend their teenagers again covering their favorite songs.  but it works so brilliantly because they aren't newcomers, but talented musicians know exactly what they're doing (and for that matter are unpretentious about it.)

i just downloaded this album, thanks to dallas, and have listened to it three times in a row.  this will be a keeper for sure.  i suggest you hop over to the URFCKD blog and grab the link for yesterday's post and grab it for yourself......

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