Saturday, March 14, 2009

black lips

going to see the black lips tonight.  should be awesome. 

there is something transfixing about their new album "200 million..." which their previous effort lacked.  seems more whole and focused.  but what appeals to me about the black lips is there rough edged bluesy garage punk.  often attacked for lack of substance, these guys offer unpretentious rock n roll that is seldom found today.  punk bands know the stance, but they often play the standard pop punk, instead of taking the same approach to other subgenres. the black lips' so called flower punk is interesting for its mix of standard fare garage and 60s rock with psychedelic and post punk elements.  

the black lips don't always translate well on their albums (check their live disc which at times is both awful and riotously good).  that's why i hope the show tonight surpasses my expectations.

i'll let you know if they can top the hype.  

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