Sunday, March 15, 2009

i need my phone to be more rock n roll.

now i've figured out how to use google, twitter and blogger on my phone, but why is iso difficult to upload music to my phone from my macbook?

i don't want to pay for v-cast.  i have enough music already.  i just want to get those mp3s onto my phone.  why can't it be easily done?  why must these media companies pretend they are offering such an interconnected world, when really they just want another way to sell us the same thing. 

like i need a special ringtone (or ringback tone).  i wouldn't even buy a jay reatard ringtone.  though iTunes probably offers one, though i doubt verizon does.

most of this entry was blogged via my phone.  so why can't i get my music to jump the other direction....?

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