Thursday, October 6, 2011

king blood - eyewash silver

sometimes you come across an album that you just gotta tell people about..... KING BLOOD "eyewash silver" is one of those lps....... 

it's a psych rock / noise jam through and through......i'd write more, but PERMANENT records was excited enough about KING BLOOD to repress the lp, so i'll just let you read their write-up.........and when they get excited about a band, it's always worth checking out......

King Blood - Eyewash Silver (2011 Permanent Records Repress) - 
Numbered Edition of 300 - Permanent Records' 27th label Release
   In late 2010 a record came out of nowhere and blew our minds. That record was "Eyewash Silver" by King Blood. Unfortunately, it was issued in a limited edition of 100 copies and it disappeared faster than a fugitive at a busted up coke party. We initially discovered the record through a very enticing review that Doug Mosurock over at Still Single / Dusted wrote and our minds were blown when we received the records and realized that there was absolutely no hyperbole or exaggeration in Doug's review. For your reference, here's said review:
   "Little anonymous fuzz guitar rudiment blowdown from ex-Snake Apartment guitarist Ryland Wharton (also the man behind the excellent Skulltones and Twonicorn labels). As King Blood, he lays down eight instrumental four-trackers rendered over a three-year period, nothing but guitar, bass and cymbal to keep time, and in that space the artist gets real, with simple themes repeated in a noisy, low-rent, yet meditative space. For as thick as these vibes get, the music itself is not necessarily aggressive, which is why these big, billowing songs sound gentle and bluesy and introspective, even in the overblown treatment most of them receive. Early Wooden Shjips or the Purling Hiss LP (and above all, Les Rallizes Denudes) would be good signposts for this album, but without the obvious psych moves like wah-solos and acid burn motifs, or the heavy drumming to keep time; King Blood wants to get you down by volume, and in that it is a drifting, uncompromising, diffuse and very loud success. 100 copies for this world, in paste-on sleeves – a few contain a silkscreened design on Stonehenge paper that was allegedly runoff from a gallery exhibition held earlier this summer. Those are signed and numbered as well. (availability? ask the angels…)"
Sounds exciting, right? Yeah, well it lives up to the review, and then some. "Eyewash Silver" is an incredible, dumbed-down, shit-fi, riff-drenched instrumental psych record that will KILL fans of Wooden Shjips / Les Rallizes Denudes (and all the rest of those touchstone bands mentioned in the review - Doug knows his shit). In fact, the same folks will be kicking themselves HARD if they don't grab one of these while they still have the (second) chance. 
   This limited reissue contains the same astounding sounds as the original pressing, but the artwork has been glorified. Each one of these 300 copies was lovingly hand-assembled, diligently hand-numbered, and carefully handled by Permanent staffers. We've heard of buyer's remorse, but never with records. It's always non-buyers remorse when it comes to wax. Don't fall victim (twice) on this one.

i would feel bad about sharing this link but even with PERMANENT's repress, there are still less than 500 copies of this lp floating around...

listen to some tracks BELOW:

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