Sunday, October 23, 2011

dead farmers - go home

to continue on with my love for the australian scene, i gotta let you know about the DEAD FARMERS.... ...stooges / mc5 / blue cheer influenced heavy riffing garage rock....this is loud fun fuzzed out rock n roll....... i can't get enough of it.........  reminds me of the night beats, brimstone howl, mudhoney and the cosmonauts........ a good cross between heavy psych and garage rock....with a bit of early black sabbath and cactus thrown in for good measure.......

highly recommended.......  

DEAD FARMERS have one single on AARGHT and a one record on RIP SOCIETY, with a new 7 inch on the way....... their releases are hard to come by, but well fucking worth it.....

click here to grab their lp GO HOME

and see the DEAD FARMERS on tour.....

Wed 26 October // Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock N' Roll Palace w/ PLANETS
Thurs 27 October // Chicago @ Permanent Records
Thurs 27 October // Chicago @ The Burlington w/ HOLLOWS

Fri 28 October // Cleveland @ The 71st Door w/ HOMOSTUPIDS, THE WOOLY BULLIES 
Sat 29 October // New York @ Shea Stadium w/ THE MEN, POPULATION 1280 + SEX CHURCH
Sun 30 October // Philadelphia @ Little Bar w/ BITTER AMERICAN + WHITE GIRLS
Wed 2 November // Charlotte @ Lunchbox Records w/ JOINT DAMAGE
Thurs 3 November // Atlanta @ 529 w/ CRYSTAL ANTLERS, GG KING + HOLLOW STARS
Fri 4 November // Nashville @ House w/ TTOTALS, HANS CONDOR + SLOW WALKER
Sat 5 November // Memphis @ Poplar Lounge w/ TRUE SONS OF THUNDER + SEX CHURCH

and watch below........

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