Thursday, October 31, 2013

slushy - candy b/w pocket 7in

hey everyone, it's time to get yer SLUSHY fix!!!!!!!!!  

chicago's little known bubblegum trash pop outfit SLUSHY just unleashed a brand new 7 inch, CANDY B/W POCKET, on RANDY RECORDS and you best listen up!!!!!!!

SLUSHY plays some of the best stripped down, fuzz soaked, hook filled garage pop you music junkies can get yer dirty little hands on.....channelling the early garage punk unknowns, DIY RnR attitude, girl group am melodies, power pop moves and budget rock aesthetics, SLUSHY has jangled, shaked, rattled and rolled two PURE FUN NO-FI GARAGE POP ANTHEMS onto wax for yer listening enjoyment, and the emphasis is on ENJOYMENT..... this record is an innocent and highly addicting spin....  and shows that no one can add a bubblegum sugar rush to trashy garage quite like them.....

so do yerself a favor and introduce yerself to SLUSHY now !!!!!!

LISTEN TO THE NEW 7 INCH BELOW, and then buy one IMMEDIATELY from RANDY RECORDS, or yer local record shop!!!!!!!!

for further listen click here to stream their FIVE LITTLE LEAVES and ALL THE RAD DUDES tapes!!!!!!!  both fucking killer spins!!!!!!!!

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