Monday, October 14, 2013

obits - bed and bugs

OBITS have returned with a brand new LP out on SUB POP records entitled BED & BUGS, and it's as pummeling, razor sharp and righteous as anything they've done yet!!!!!!

rising from the ashes HOT SNAKES and EDSEL, OBITS for sure carry on the fiery POST PUNK menacing noise of those bands whilst melding it to their brand of off-kilter garage, punk and RnR.....and though i'm a fiend for their previous lps, I BLAME YOU and MOODY STANDARD AND POOR, their new album sneaks up on you with it's infectious melodies, wiry guitars, angsty vocals and all out insurgent rock n roll attack...... few if any rock bands have created such a unique and full throttle space for themselves like the OBITS.......

so stop talking about how good HOT SNAKES and DRIVE LIKE JEHU were and get with the program, cuz the new OBITS LP IS HERE TO MELT YER SKULL WITH SOME OF THE BEST ROCK N ROLL THAT YOU'LL HEAR ALL YEAR LONG......

fans of the aforementioned bands as well as NIGHT MARCHERS, BLIND SHAKE, METZ, LAMPS, DISAPPEARS and SONIC YOUTH desperately need BED & BUGS now!!!!!!!

a sure fire choice next time you're at yer local record shop.......

Listen to BED & BUGS below -
  and grab a copy from SUB POP now !!!!

watch OBITS live at the empty bottle below -

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