Wednesday, October 30, 2013

gary wrong group / wizzard sleeve - halloween violence split 7in

just in time for everyone's favorite holiday, PELICAN POW WOW and JETH-ROW RECORDS have teamed up to unleash the HALLOWEEN VIOLENCE SPLIT 7 INCH EP by two of the south's scariest punk bands, GARY WRONG GROUP and WIZZARD SLEEVE !!!!!!!!!!

sharing members and a love for dirgy mud caked feral punk, WIZZARD SLEEVE and GARY WRONG GROUP's new single is the perfect evil swamp voodoo to blast out yer front door on the 31st to scare those prospective treat or treater brats away !!!!!!!   

this is the first taste of new WIZZARD SLEEVE debauchery since 2011's split 7 inch with TRUES SONS OF THUNDER, which was way too long ago..... and GARY WRONG GROUP's killer 12 inch ep KINIGHTS OF MISERY earlier this year on TOTAL PUNK just left me with a taste for MORE........  so yeah this is exactly the KINDA OF DEMENTED RAW DARK SYNTH BENT BLOWN OUT PUNK ROCK you and i BOTH FUCKING NEED NOW !!!!!!!  both these groups rank up there as some of the best garage punk mutants slinking around the country these days, so why haven't you bought their records yet!!!!!!!!

but don't take my word for it,
listen to the HALLOWEEN VIOLENCE SPLIT below....
  and grab a copy NOW !!!!!!  after all it comes with a free wolf mask for trick or treating!!!!!!!


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