Tuesday, October 29, 2013

endless bummer - ripper current 7in

YES!!!!!!!  time to listen up, IN THE RED just released the debut 7 inch by yer new favorite band, ENDLESS BUMMER !!!!!!!!!!  entitled RIPPER CURRENT and comprised of four blown out rowdy garage punk burners, ENDLESS BUMMER is for sure gonna put a smile on yer face!!!!!!!!

fans of the no-fi / budget rock spectrum of the garage/punk world need this 7 inch now, especially we you realize that ENDLESS BUMMER is related to THE SPITS, ROMAN MILK, HEAVY TIMES and PERMANENT RECORDS as well as being recorded by none other than TY SEGALL !!!!!!  these guys have been blowing up LA for the past year and now the whole rest of the world can finally get a taste of their GNARLY ANTI-SURF FEEDBACK PUNK !!!!!!!!! seriously RIPPER CURRENT IS ONE OF THE MOST REFRESHING / IN YER FACE NEW 7 INCHES OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!  (and there's stiff competition for that title)

recommended for those who like good music like the MUMMIES, RIP OFFS, LAMPS, COACHWHIPS, BLACKTOP, GERMS, CHEATER SLICKS and the whole laundry list of killer LA punk bands that came before them!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah stop reading and GRAB ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
and/or listen below!!!!!!!!!
     four tracks of this kinda riotous fuzz punk is just what you need!!!!!!!

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marcosvacacore10 said...

Awesome people making awesome music!