Saturday, August 27, 2011

sex church - 6 songs / sweet rot single

SEX CHURCH are fuzzed out psych/noise pop from VANCOUVER.  with a seven inch on SWEET ROT, an album on CONVULSIVE, a brand new seven inch on the way from HOZAC and an upcoming lp on LOAD, these guys are a BAND YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT.

fans of fungi girls, heavy times, silver daggers, woven bones, royal baths and the crystal stilts will find SEX CHURCH to their liking.......

.......with influences like the jesus and mary chain, touch & go records, killed by death garage punk and 60s psych....SEX CHURCH suck you into their dark noisy world and don't wanna let you out.......

i'm looking forward to the new LP on LOAD, but until then, grab some of their earlier releases.......

click here for their debut LP "6 SONGS"

click here for their SWEET ROT 7 inch

listen to SEX CHURCH below via good ol' youtube.

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