Sunday, August 14, 2011


if you wanna know where my heart lies, its mostly with the garage punk bands
        on CRYPT RECORDS in the 90s.......

kind of forgotten by some, i never get tired of listening to any of these bands.  THE OBLIVIANS, THE GORIES, BILLY CHILDISH's two bands THE HEADCOATS and THEE MIGHTY CAESARS, TEENGENERATE, LYRES, early JON SPENCER and FIREWORKS........  

every band on this comp is worth digging for........

maybe this is a bit of a time warp, but this is garage punk at its best.........

click here to download 

the tracklist........

  1. Introduction: Ol' Pal Joe :: Ol' Pal Joe
  2. Long Gone Sister :: New Bomb Turks
  3. Back in the City :: The Devil Dogs
  4. Get Me Back :: Teengenerate
  5. Because Just Because :: Thee Mighty Caesars
  6. I Got Eyes for You :: The Gories
  7. Back Slider :: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  8. The Screaming Rummy :: Beguiled
  9. Blubber Nellie :: Raunch Hands
  10. Feelin' Kinda Froggy :: Nine Pound Hammer
  11. Every Day :: Thee Headcoats
  12. Murdered Model :: Fireworks
  13. Frustration, Tragedy and Lies :: Lazy Cowgirls
  14. What's This Shit Called Love? :: The Pagans
  15. Sunday You Need Love :: Oblivians
  16. Tail Crush :: New Bomb Turks
  17. Go on Girl :: The Devil Dogs
  18. Loathsome & Wild :: Thee Mighty Caesars
  19. Nitroglycerine :: The Gories
  20. Runaway Train :: Nine Pound Hammer
  21. Naked, Naked, Naked :: Raunch Hands
  22. The Feeling of Love :: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  23. Youngblood :: Thee Headcoats
  24. She-Devil Rock :: Beguiled
  25. Thunder Road :: Fireworks
  26. Give Till It Hurts :: The Pagans
  27. Pink House Club :: Pleasure Fuckers
  28. Hosebag :: The Devil Dogs
  29. Why Don't You Try My Love :: Thee Mighty Caesars
  30. I Think I've Had It :: The Gories
  31. Green Room :: Raunch Hands
  32. The Way I Feel About You :: Lyres

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