Thursday, January 23, 2014

energy gown - round house 7in

chicago's droned out psychedelic mind melters, ENERGY GOWN, are back with a brand new lathe cut 7 inch, ROUND HOUSE.....and you need to get yr hands on it now!!!!!!

part of the digital comp, ACTIVE LISTENER SAMPLER 15, this new blast of consciousness-expanding space bent RnR from ENERGY GOWN will certainly have the fuzz heads and psych junkies grappling for their newest fix....... continuing on with where their previous single I WATCH THE SUN left off, ROUND HOUSE drones and warps with the best of the lysergic rockers from the past, from LES RALLIZES DENUDES to PARSSON SOUND and back through the rabbit hole to YA HO WA 13, HAWKWIND and FAUST.......ENERGY GOWN distorts and re-mystifies psychedelic rock back to its founding burst of energy in the late 60s.....and doesn't just aim for the rigid genre signifiers so many IN bands use to define themselves as PSYCH....

so yeah if yer into the reverberation appreciation society, cardinal fuzz, trouble in mind and other like minded psych labels, this severely limited single is FOR YOU.


LISTEN TO ROUND HOUSE below and grab a copy this recommended jam here -

and watch energy gown at the empty bottle below -

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