Wednesday, January 15, 2014

counter intuits - sheets of hits

so january is a time for reflecting on the year past and part of that game is listening to albums you missed, forgot about or just didn't give enough time to.....and one such sleeper hit of 2013 is the COUNTER INTUITS debut s/t lp (aka SHEETS OF HITS) released on PYRAMID SCHEME RECORDS......  an album that just barely squeezed into my best of list at #29....but nonetheless a record i've been spinning non stop recently.......and one you should too!!!!

comprised of the legendary RON HOUSE on vox (GREAT PLAINS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS, EGO SUMMIT, etc) and JARED PHILLIPS on guitar / effects / noise (TIMES NEW VIKING), COUNTER INTUITS RESURRECTS THE DEATH RATTLE OF NOISY UNDERGROUND ROCK & POST PUNK SO THAT WE CAN REVEL IN ITS HISSING FEEDBACK GLORY ALL OVER AGAIN !!!!!!!     SHEET OF HITS is nothing short of a sprawling no-fi masterpiece, twisting and turning through sloppy post punk, anthemic noise punk, hazy analog RnR cassette jams and all sorts of exciting dead end experiments from indie rock of years past....... (i could name drop some comparisons here, but that would just detract from how killer these songs are, i mean NO COMPUTER BLUES is fucking awesome)....  not every super group meeting of the minds is great, but this one's an INSTA-CLASSIC.....and sure maybe not for everyone, but those of us ohio rock, noise and lo-fi punk junkies certainly need some COUNTER INTUITS now.......

i assume if you know ron or jared's previous projects you already know how great this drunken sloppy mess of an album is, but if not NOW IS THE TIME TO GET HIP TO IT......


ps....if yer still not convinced, read the COUNTER INTUITS review on TERMBO, or just stop buying music all together, cuz SHEETS OF HITS is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

and oh watch a rare live performance from COUNTER INTUITS here -

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