Saturday, November 23, 2013

pampers - s/t lp

HOLY SHIT, it's time to blow up yer stereo with the self titled debut lp from brooklyn's PAMPERS!!!!!!!!!  seriously you're gonna thank IN THE RED for putting this one out many times over........

PAMPERS have been slinking around the dark alleys on gotham city for a while now, releasing a couple of rowdy singles via their JKSHK label and playing with like minded and demented soulmates FOSTER CARE, CALL OF THE WILD and HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS.... yet no one was willing to bring their destruction to a nationwide audience until IN THE RED stepped in.....  their s/t lp is chock full of bruising riffs, pummeling drums, broken synths knife fighting walls of feedback and gnarly vocals...... art bent, noisy and mutant as punk can be, PAMPERS' new album shows that punk rock is alive and well, and feral as fuck !!!!!!!!

put them in the same camp of misanthropic noise punks as RUNNING, BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS, LAMPS, OBNOX, TRUE SONS OF THUNDER, MANATEEES, SOUPCANS, LIVEFASTDIE and/or GARY WRONG, yeah pretty much all the bands keeping RnR LOUD NASTY INTERESTING AND RIOTOUS AS CAN BE!!!!!!!!!   junkies for those bands as well as labels like CRYPT, HOZAC, TOTAL PUNK and GONER need some fucking PAMPERS NOW!!!!!!!!

this lp is gonna shake something lose in yer head and you'll never be the same!!!!!!  feedback weirdo punk hasn't been this fun since the electric eels or the urinals..... a for sure top ten album of the year!!!!!!

stream a few tracks off the new lp below - 
  and grab one from IN THE RED now !!!!!
fuckin' do it !!!!!!!

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