Friday, November 22, 2013

jeffrey novak - lemon kid

hot on the heels of his BARON IN THE TREES lp and CHEAP TIME'S killer third album WALLPAPER MUSIC (both on in the red records) comes the newest collection of killer jams from tennessee's hardest working garage rocker.  YES!!!!  TROUBLE IN MIND is proud to announce JEFFREY NOVAK's third (and best) solo lp LEMON KID !!!!!!!!!!  and it's out now !!!!!!!

if you know his previous solo albums or his stellar glam-meets-art-rock garage punk work in CHEAP TIME, you're gonna need to run out to yer local record shop and grab LEMON KID asap......  but for those who need an introduction, read on...........

JEFFREY NOVAK's work outside of CHEAP TIME runs through the more adventurous / weirdo twists and turns of glam, power pop and UK psych....flipping garage rock upside down and mutating punk into something strange and mind bending once again......(somebody had to, cuz there's way too many cookie cutter "garage punk" bands out there right now).....

on LEMON KID you hear what a lost jam session with KEVIN AYERS fronting the NEW YORK DOLLS would've sounded like or what it might've been if SYD BARRETT had joined T REX...... or would happen if all the garage punks stopped listening to the CRAMPS / RAMONES and put ENO's "Taking Tiger Mountain" or the KINKS "Arthur" on repeat....yes LEMON KID takes you somewhere else completely....a kaleidoscopic mix of psychedelic earworming art bent melodies that'll stick to you like nothing else you've heard all year long....!!!!!!!

certainly a unique spin that leaves you with something new every time, JEFFREY NOVAK has knocked it outta the park with LEMON KID.   so yeah this one's way recommended!

   and go buy one from TROUBLE IN MIND now !!!!!!!!!

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