Tuesday, November 5, 2013

adam widener - vesuvio nights

get ready for SPEAKERTREE RECORDS' latest smash hit, the debut album from ADAM WIDENER, "VESUVIO NIGHTS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  maybe you've seen adam play in one of his former bands, PLEXI 3, ZYGOTEENS and/or BARE WIRES, or maybe not...but his solo RnR is something YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO CHECK OUT NOW!!!!!!!

part 70s punk / part hazy garage pop with a little bit of a art bent new wave gloss and a nice sprinkling of glam sparkle, ADAM WIDENER's new lp VESUVIO NIGHTS might need a new genre classification... perhaps it ought to be called MOD PUNK or JANGLE WAVE.... but this lp is for sure one that needs yer attention.   it's love / debt to PAUL COLLINS BEAT, RICHARD HELL, THE UNDERTONES, THE JAM and 20/20 can't be overlooked and in fact just adds to its analogue charm and infectious melodic charge.....leaving you wanting more and more.......

fans of WARM SODA, GLITZ, ANDY HUMAN, NEEDLES // PINS, SAM COFFEY, COZY, GENTLEMAN JESSE and SLUSHY (aka all those kids taking punk, glam and bubblegum and making music LOUD, FUN AND STICKY SWEET AGAIN) will definitely get way HOOKED on VESUVIO NIGHTS.......

so yeah stop complaining you got nothing new to listen to cuz ADAM WIDENER is here with 14 new power popped punk jams to brighten yer day!!!!!!!

   and grab a copy from SPEAKERTREE here !!!!!!!

and watch ADAM WIDENER live -

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