Tuesday, April 2, 2013

blind shake - garbage on glue 7 inch

BLIND SHAKE return with a double shot of 100 proof art punk bangers via the ever reliable SWEET ROT RECORDS.... entitled GARBAGE ON GLUE and backed with GO GO 78, this is exactly the surf-damaged amrep-soaked explosive psych rock n roll i've come to depend on from the twin cities hardest working / vastly underappreciated band, BLIND SHAKE.  supposedly a teaser for a yet to come third full length rumored for later in the year, GARBAGE ON GLUE is that highly addicting first hit that'll spiral you into full on junkie mode desperate for yr next fix of Blind Shake......

so listen up below, this is one 7 inch you're not gonna wanna miss out on.  and 300 copies is never enough to go around.......

highly / vehemently recommended.
this is how rock n roll is done.


B SIDE - GO GO 78 (performed live at SXSW)

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ben johnson said...

Hey man, thanks for hipping me to this tune and also thanks for the shoutout to Total Bozo in the sidebar.