Sunday, March 31, 2013

livids – your house or the courthouse ep

So with Crypt and Rip Off Records dead and gone, who’s gonna keep the garage punk spirit alive?  Well for sure more than a couple bands are trying, but way too many just fall flat on their faces (sorry, not everyone’s band is as killer as their PR people say they are).  So thank fucking god, SLOVENLY RECORDS released the LIVIDS‘ Your House or the Courthouse EP; it’s just the kind of blazing fast, in-yer-face shot of wild garage destroying punk fury that all of you need right now.

Comprised of former members of the legendary New Bomb Turks and the equally amazing Zodiac Killers (as well as a handful of other tried and true rock n roll bands, listing them all would take too long, so you’ll have to trust us on their veteran status), Livids are picking up where the Oblivians, Supercharger, and Teengenerate left off, cranking their amps up and concocting some full on loud, blown out rock n roll debauchery.  With three buzzsaw songs on one succinct 7 inch EP–two originals and one Iggy Pop cover–all done up no-fi, sneering and full of drunken late night swagger, the Livids are off with a bang.  Hopefully this is just the opening round in an onslaught of future releases from them because few bands manage to combine that 60s garage cave thump with the abrasive melody of early punk the way the Livids are right now.  I don’t even like buying 7 inches anymore and I wanna grab at least five copies of this EP.  Get ready to flip this one over and over again.

Listen to the title track off “Your House or the Courthouse” below and hit up Slovenly immediately afterwards.

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