Wednesday, April 3, 2013

dead moon - stranded in the mystery zone / strange pray tell

MISSISSIPPI RECORDS continues their DEAD MOON reissue campaign with what are perhaps two of the most classic LPs from the cult rockers: their albums Strange Pray Tell (’92) and Stranded In the Mystery Zone (’91).  

Out-of-print for over a decade, these two killer records showcase Dead Moon’s DIY country-tinged, psych-washed blue collar punk in all its glory.  Those who haven’t picked up a Dead Moon album yet would do well to start with either of these fiery lo-fi rock n roll statements (though the other three LPs Mississippi reissued are stellar as well).

Ask anyone who knows Dead Moon and they’ll tell you hands-down you need to add them to your collection yesterday, and thanks to Mississippi Records you can.  Dead Moon more then own their place on the garage punk canon, and nobody’s more deserving of the reissue treatment than they are (after all they self released these LPs on their Tombstone label the first time around).

Listen to “Fire in the Western World” off Strange Pray Tell below, and order both lps through the Little Axe Distro......

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