Saturday, January 23, 2010

where the action is!

where the action is! L.A. Nuggets is the latest installment in the series from Rhino records.

quite a nice mix of SoCal late 60s bands, some of which you'd not ordinarily group into the garage rock scene. the idea is that LA had its own surf tinged flower powered mish mash version of the garage rock sound.....(ie. the association and iron butterfly have tracks, but they fit well. in addition you have real hard to find songs by the likes of kim fowley. so for the audiophile, rhino can do no wrong)

i highly recommend spending the money on this box set (though sadly it's not been issued on vinyl, so you have to pick it up on cd or digitally...)

visit this rapidshare link for the first two discs of the set. the remaining half of the set seems impossible to find on the interweb, but if you'd like to share a link with me, i'd welcome it.

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you got good taste - here are links to the other two discs:

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