Friday, January 15, 2010

garage punk classics - blacktop

Blacktop was the first post-Gories project for Mick Collins.

While similar to the legendary garage punk three-piece, Blacktop is a clear progression, in terms of musicianship and songwriting skill, for Collins and is also the beginning of his movement towards noisier material.

The band's sound was fuller and more sophisticated, due in no small part to the addition of a bass line and the songwriting input of Darrin Lin Wood (Fireworks, 68 Comeback). While still drawing from a wealth of blues, soul, and mod influences, Blacktop crossed into seemingly new territory, even covering Captain Beefheart's "Here I Am, I Always Am."

I've Got A Baad Feelin' About This, their first album, was recorded on an eight track at a friend's house in Dallas and was released in 1995. Half of the album's tracks, and several other unreleased ones, were assembled and released in Australia as Up All Night. As with the Gories and his other projects, Blacktop released several 7" singles throughout it's brief career.

The band never made it back into the studio, but In the Red Records reissued their debut LP with the bonus material from the Australian release in 2003, comprising everything the band ever recorded.

Too bad they didn't stick around, but Mick Collins went on to form the Dirtbombs, so none of us can be that disappointed........ (thanks to Allmusic,com for the help)

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