Tuesday, February 11, 2014

terrible twos - horror vacui

detroit's TERRIBLE TWOS have emerged from hiding after five years and released another heavy hittin platter of destructo synth punk entitled HORROR VACUI via URINAL CAKE RECORDS!!!!!!!

rapid fire, messy, loud and raw as fuck, TERRIBLE TWOS rip through thirteen songs of synth bent punk rawk menace sure to make JAY REATARD and THE SCREAMERS proud.........

there's plenty of that gnarly garage punk i've missed since LOST SOUNDS broke up, and YES, there's some of that same addicting post-apocalyptic, art-damaged sound that fellow motor city cohorts HUMAN EYE and TIMMY'S ORGANISM wallow in......  and i'd say if yer a fan of anything rowdy, blown out and punk, you need to check out HORROR VACUI now........  especially if yer hip to that special breed of dystopic post industrial collapse michigan RnR, like TYVEK, PROTOMARTYR and SROS LORDS........ and that means you TERMBO junkies......

half a decade was worth the wait, since HORROR VACUI is gonna blow up yer turntable, kill some brain cells and leave a smile on yer face..........    recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

listen to A WORD AND A WORLD off the new lp below....
....click here to stream the whole album via URINAL CAKE !!!!!

and yeah witness the TERRIBLE TWOS live below -

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