Wednesday, February 26, 2014

atlantic thrills - s/t lp

ALMOST READY RECORDS HAS RELEASED ONE HELLUVA RIOTOUS WHISKEY SOAKED S/T DEBUT ALBUM FROM ATLANTIC THRILLS and if you need a shot of high energy rock n roll, you ought to be running out the door to yer local record shop now.......

mining the depths of the garage psych greats and warping their flower punk sound with plenty of earworming analog melody, anthemic party inducing lyrics and blown out jangly energy, ATLANTIC THRILLS have concocted a CATCHY AS FUCK ALBUM FULL OF SONGS READY TO BLAST OUTTA YER CAR WINDOWS ALL SUMMER LONG.....  if the beach boys, the seeds and cramps all sat down to write a smash hit about getting wasted, it would sound like this!!!!    so yeah, this record's gonna get the grooves worn out of it!   

ATLANTIC THRILLS are one of the most promising and addicting new bands i've come across this year yet.....  and fans of BLACK LIPS, REIGNING SOUND, KING KHAN & BBQ, DEAD MOON, CHEAP TIME and THE YOLKS definitely need to introduce themselves to their new GO TO BAND!!!!!!!

so snap outta yer haze and get ready for the all night bender ahead by listening to two songs off their s/t debut below,
  then grab the lp from ALMOST READY here !!!!!

and watch ATLANTIC THRILLS live here -

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