Friday, December 6, 2013

cuntz - solid mates

oh man get ready cuz you need to get terrorized by the CUNTZ!!!!! and their ferocious new album SOLID MATES!!!!!!!!!!  out now on HOMELESS RECORDS!!!!!!!

seriously one of the best / most unhinged / fucking feral slabs of PUNK ROCK ANGST in recent memory, australia's CUNTZ are out to destroy you and your boring ass life with SOLID MATES!!!!!  or at least soundtrack yer next night of mayhem!!!!!!!

echoes of their unruly aussie forefathers from VENON P STINGER, fEEDTIME and BIRTHDAY PARTY are present as well as the same ugly determination and delinquency found in their fellow punk mates, SEWERS, THE STABS and BITS OF SHIT are cacophonously present on SOLID MATES...... their second album (following the wildly hateful and widely acclaimed ALOHA) is an UNSTABLE MIX OF PUNK VOMIT, POST PUNK VITRIOL and THUGGISH NOISE SURE TO UPSET ANY CASUAL LISTENER AND MAKE FANS OF ANGRY ROCK LIKE ME (MOST LIKELY YOU) FLIP SOLID MATES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!  and it's quite unlike anything else you're hear all year!!!!!

seriously a fucking awesome and explosive spin that is gonna make year end lists for sure (but not any lists at any of those so called reliable indie music sites)  !!!!

so stop reading,
and listen to SOLID MATES below !!!!!!!!
   and grab a copy from HOMELESS stat !!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Candidate for album of the year.