Wednesday, December 18, 2013

best of the best in xx13

the year is almost over, so now it's time to go through some of my favorite releases of the year..... tomorrow i'll post my top lps of the year, and today i'll start it off with the best 7 inches, comps, et cetera of xx13..... 

this year was so overflowing with goodness, i don't even feel that this list scrapes the surface.  but if you missed any of these releases, NOW IS THE TIME TO CHECK THEM OUT..... after all that is what these lists are about.....

so without further prefacing, 
here is the BEST OF THE BEST OF 2013!!!!!!!!!

Best 7 inches

1.   Endless Bummer - Ripper Current (In The Red)
2.   Action Swingers - Miserable Life (Total Punk)
3.   Obnox - Canabible Ohio (Black Gladiator / Slovenly)
4.   Energy Gown - I Watch The Sun (Self Released)
5.   Gino & the Goons - Troubled (Total Punk)
6.   Fuzz - Sunderberry Dream (In The Red)
7.   Blind Shake - Garbage On Glue (Sweet Rot)
8.   Vacation Club - Daydream (Randy)
9.   Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - Conjure Man (In The Red)
10. Uh Bones - Only You EP (Randy)
11. Gary Wrong / Wizzard Sleeve - Halloween Violence EP (Pelican Pow Wow / Jeth-Row)
12. Buck Biloxi & The Fucks - Holodeck Survivor (Total Punk)
13. Manateees - Smoke That Bird (JKSHK)
14. King Blood - Where Is He? (White Denim)
15. Golden Pelicans - Earls (Total Punk)

Best Comp

Land Of Nod (Scavenger Of Death)

Best 7in Comp

Son Of Flex (Castle Face)

Best Cover Album

Castle Face and Friends Velvet Underground and Nico

Best Label

Total punk

Best Reissue Label

Superior Viaduct

Best Reissue

Urinals - Negative Capability (In The Red) and their first three 7 inches (Superior Viaduct)

Best RnR Show

Thee Oh Sees / Blind Shake / Obn IIIs @ The Empty Bottle

Best Live Album

Fuzz - Live In San Fran (Castle Face)

Best Best Of

Resonars - Greatest Songs Of (Trouble In Mind)

Best Rarities Collection

Thee Oh Sees - Singles Collection Vol 3 (Castle Face)

Best New Band On The Scene 

Gino & The Goons

Best RnR Reunion


Hardest Working Most Prolific Motherfucker





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