Wednesday, June 19, 2013

verma - coltan

even though their debut lp EXU only came out six months ago and is still clinging to my turntable, VERMA couldn't wait to put out another killer dose of spaced out psych rock..........this time entitled COLTAN....... out earlier in the year as a tape on NOTES AND BOLTS, TROUBLE IN MIND RECORDS couldn't let such an epic piece of mind altering atmospheric psych rock stay super limited, so they rereleased COLTAN on wax where it belongs......!!!!!!!!!!

picking off where EXU left off COLTAN combines the best elements of krautrock experimentation with droning noise rock, eerie psych and soaring post rock into one wholly engrossing repeat spin..... not to mention nods to some of the best in avant soundtrack work from GOBLIN to JOHN CARPENTER, after all COLTAN was composed with a VICE mini web documentary on the congo in mind........

though a little less straight forward than their live sets or previous work, COLTAN shows just how in the pocket VERMA is......  this new lp finds them honing their improvisational skills and their more out there much so i can't wait to hear what they're gonna do next!!!!  COLTAN builds and builds and slowly sucks you so far deep in the grooves, but the time you hit the final track, you're in for nothing short of a sonic epiphany!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COLTAN is super recommended for those into HAWKWIND, AMON DUUL, CLUSTER, CAN, AGITATION FREE, FAUST and/or NEU!  (yes experimental music junkies take note!) well as any of their contemporaries such as CAVE, ENERGY GOWN, WOODEN SHJIPS, MIND!, TORTOISE, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE and/or TJUTJUNA..........

this one's gonna rank super high in my year end list,
and it way recommended!
but grab one quick, before it's limited pressing is gone!!!!!!!

and LISTEN to COLTAN below........!!!!!!!!

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