Friday, June 14, 2013

oblivians - desperation

the wait was worth it........THE OBLIVIANS ARE FUCKING BACK !!!!!!!!!!   YES!!!!!!!!

not everyone is going to fall in love with the OBLIVIANS' new album DESPERATION, but those who don't are people who probably don't know what they're talking about anyway....and you should not take their musical advice.......ever!!!!!

eric, greg and jack have been busy pursuing their own bands since the OBLIVIANS called it a day back in '97, and none of those countless bands really strayed to far from what the oblivians were about in the first place, LOUD RAW ROCK N ROLL....CATCHY, DIRTY AND RAMBUNCTIOUS.AS FUCK.... be it REIGNING SOUND, COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS, THE LEGS, JACK-O AND THE TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS, TRUE SONS OF THUNDER and their solo projects recorded under their own names (or any of their other bands to plentiful to list here), ALL THREE OF THE OBLIVIANS never stopped creating a whirlwind of SOULFUL, INFECTIOUS SOUTHERN FRIED GARAGE ROCK CLASSICS that i've always jumped at the chance to grab..........  so it only made sense to get the band back together.....and in the studio......... 

gone are some of the rough edges and some of the youthful provocation / swearing on DESPERATION, but instead we get better songwriting, killer cover songs and a concise album overflowing with future smash hits.......... maybe DESPERATION isn't SOUL FOOD, but who else can jam together in the studio on a whim and write an album THIS FUCKING AWESOME?  yeah, that's just it, no one else can.  or there might be a few people that could, but none of them are around anymore.......   so stop yer whining, THIS LP IS BETTER THAN I COULD'VE EVEN EXPECTED!!!!!!!!!!   this isn't some tired reunion, or boring retread of past accomplishments, or an empty cash grab..... DESPERATION is three of my favorite musicians doing what they do best!!!!!!   and if you think this album falls flat, you might as well just throw out yer stereo cuz it's not doing you any good.......

i hope this is more than a one off from them,
but even if it is, their new lp just furthers their already legendary status.

thanks IN THE RED RECORDS for making this happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DESPERATION is hands down the ALBUM OF YEAR.  


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