Monday, January 14, 2013

outside world - seaside nowhere

outta the ashes of BRAIN IDEA has risen the newest must hear band from the chicago scene, OUTSIDE WORLD..... who play a scuzzed-up jangle-popped indie rock that'll get you humming almost instantaneously...... NIGHT PEOPLE has just released OUTSIDE WORLD's second tape, SEASIDE NOWHERE, and man oh man does yr boombox need this ep now......

i haven't heard a noisy infectious indie rock killers like this in quite some time..... indebted to kiwi pop, 80s college jangle and 90s slacker rock, this tape just won't leave my stereo..... and i expect nothing but good things from OUTSIDE WORLD down the totally crossing my fingers for a proper debut long player sometime this year.....

if you could take husker du, the clean, sebadoh, pavement, soft boys, gbv, the bats and superchunk and smash them into one band, you'd get OUTSIDE WORLD.......  fuzzed up basement indie rock jams like the old days before the arcade fire's of the world made "indie" go mainstream, soundtrack car commercials and bore you to death..... (sorry but that's my feeling about most indie rock bands these days.....)

recommended for those into fresh and onlys, boomgates, woods, the bitters, heavy times, kurt vile, sic alps, the mantles and radar, anyone who needs a dose of unbridled lo-fi anthemic rock n roll in their lives....

grab this tape from NIGHT PEOPLE now..... 
it's super limited..... and won't be available for very long........

listen to a few tracks off the new tape, 

and check OUTSIDE WORLD out in a town near you....

Jan 15 - Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock 'n Roll Palace
Jan 16 - Madison @ Good Style Shop
Jan 17 - Kansas City @ Front/Space
Jan 18 - St. Louis @ Chromozone
Jan 20 - Atlanta? (details to come!)
Jan 21 - Tampa @ "some biker bar"
Jan 22 - Miami maybe?
Jan 24 - Chapel Hill hopefully?
Jan 25 - Baltimore @ Golden West Cafe
Jan 26 - Philadelphia @ Kung Fu Necktie
Jan 28 - Brooklyn @ Death By Audio
Jan 29 - Northampton @ Jackson's house
Jan 30 - Pittsburgh @ Howlers Coyote Cafe
Jan 31 - Cleveland @ The Happy Dog
Feb 1 - Detroit @ Donovan's Pub


Anonymous said...

They have a sick self-released tape as well

Anonymous said...

sound great!

c said...

i love this release. do you know where to find their other tape?

Anonymous said...

outsideworld.bandcamp has the whole thing