Tuesday, November 6, 2012

unholy two - cut the music 7 inch

When you pop UNHOLY TWO's new 7 inch Cut The Music I'm The Nightstalker on your turntable, I wouldn't call what happens next "listening."  The record pummels your ears.  It's bruising, fast and blown out rock n roll that'll most certainly damage your psyche.  Never again will you listen to "soft" music.  You'll be converted to the ranks of the noise freaks who can only listen to music with the littlest of melody and high levels of distortion of all frequency ranges.  When you encounter music this vicious, exciting and rambunctious, you'll never be the same.  And we have 12XU Records to thank for that. 

There are for sure plenty of bands playing mellow indie rock these days.   What we don't have is many bands carrying the AMREP, Black Jack, Skin Graft hallmark of absolute noise skronk anymore.  But Unholy Two wants to nab that spot on the heavy loud end of the rock n roll spectrum and they may have just cemented their place with this new 7 inch.  Hailing from the Columbus, Ohio scene that spawned the mutant noise garage of the Cheater Slicks and with a wall of feedback that's indebted to them, Unholy Two may just steal away the title of noisiest band ever.   They've expanded from a two piece on this 7 inch to bring even more sonic assault to your ears: dual guitar wailing, a shrieking malfunctioning keyboard and a one absolute spastic drummer.  Part Brainbombs explosiveness, part Lightning Bolt minimalist instrumentation / maximal noise, Unholy Two's Cut The Music is the next chapter feedback punk.

Both the title track and the B-side, Razor, are equally destructive, and it'd be hard to choose which one sums up Unholy Two more.  Both ball up those hardcore impulses and flatten them through on a wall of noise and doom metal influences.  The closest comparisons to their ungodly racket may be the psychedelic hardcore of Puffy Areolas, the sludge noise of Francis Harold & the Holograms or the coked out noisecore of Running.  But you'll just have to let yourself get abused by Unholy Two to figure out what you make of it.   I guarantee you won't hear a more abrasive single all year long, and that if anyone can make noise punk sound fresh, it's the Unholy Two.

Listen to Cut the Music I'm a Night Stalker below 
and grab your copy from 12XU.

super recommended !!!!!!!!!

watch UNHOLY TWO live below.....

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