Sunday, November 18, 2012

lazy - party city 7 inch

Kansas City's LAZY bring early DIY punk back from the dead with their new 7 inch Party City, out now on Moniker Records.   This is boisterous mid 70s lofi punk rock when punk was at its most vital.  Think Testors, Zero Boys and FU2 all rolled out into one hurricane of spastic rock n roll fury.

The single starts of with "Party City", an rambunctious ode to those late nights we all love that could've been on those early Killed By Death or Messthetics comps.  The analog warmth, high octane pop melody and stripped down power trio approach of the song combine to make Lazy a lo-fi force to be reckoned with.   On top of that already infectious formula is the boy/girl back and forth vocal tandem that makes the A-side even more of a classic jam.   File Party City next to the Features' "Floozie of the Neighborhood" or Crime's "Hotwire My Heart"; perhaps one of the best mutant pop nuggets ever.  With the polaroid picture on the sleeve, if you weren't paying attention you might just think this was a thirty year old single that Sing Sing or Last Laugh Records just unearthed.   "Party City" is for sure a track that should be in your jukebox (or at least your ipod).

Flip to the B-Side and you get two more fuzzed up rockers from Lazy's Obsession Sessions, which yielded a sold out cassette from earlier this year.  Both "Silence In Crisis" and "Boys in the Girlsroom" are short bouncy numbers that race through your speakers so quick you'll immediately need another spin.  Lazy takes the same chainsaw aim at punk as GG King, Foster Care, Terry Malts and the Mind Spiders, boiling everything down to a snotty pop core, but with one single and one tape, Lazy proves themselves to be one of the best bands in the scene.

Moniker Records is going to release a full length from Lazy in early 2013, so Party City is a little taster to whet our insatiable appetite for rock n roll goodness.  This single absolutely does what it's supposed to, cause I'll end up spinning it hundreds of time in anticipation of Lazy's new album, one that I'm sure will rank amongst the best of next year.

Get your taste of Lazy's new single below 
and grab go to Party City via Moniker Records.



and watch LAZY play PARTY CITY live below......

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