Saturday, October 6, 2012

cheap time - other stories 7 inch

Another two songs from Cheap Time?  HELL YESSSSSS!!!!!   We can't get enough of these snotty glammed up garage punks around TINY GROOVES HQ.  Their excellent LP, Wallpaper Music, from earlier this year on In The Red is FOR SURE gonna make many year end best of lists (including the mine), and they recently blasted the Chicago with a TWO super huge doses of their New York Dolls meets Jay Reatard meets Stooges rock n roll mayhem and it was oh so good (you can't beat seeing them play two different hour long sets in a night).   Sweet Rot has always jumped at the chance to release anything by Jeffrey Novak and Co, so let's hear how excited they are about their newest single:

"Back in March 2007, Sweet Rot's second ever release was the debut 7" by Cheap Time. A couple of years later we released a single by front man Jeffrey Novak. Now Sweet Rot is pleased to continue the collaboration with a new two-song 7" which comes hot on the heels of the band's quite great "Wallpaper Music" LP on In the Red Records. These two new songs - "Other Stories" and "In This World" - are a prime example of what a 70s sounding glam punk single should be - short, well written and produced, and super catchy. We feel these songs perfectly complement each other and think fans of the band's previous work will too."

Even if you've never heard of Cheap Time before right now, you need to grab this new 7 inch.  It's a perfect introduction to their punk damaged scuzzed up garage jams, and we all need a little loud raw rock n roll in our lives.  Any band that gets a stamp of approval from both Sweet Rot and In the Red in the same year is a band that you NEED to check out.  And you can put Cheap Time in the same new classics category with the DIrtbombs and the Black Lips.   So it goes without saying, this single comes with the HIGHEST OF RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!!!!


and watch them play PERMANENT RECORDS 
here in chicago below.....

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