Sunday, July 24, 2011


scion may or may not be encroaching on our beloved garage rock scene, but free music from our favorite bands is never a terrible thing.  

so i guess we owe a thanks to scion for this singles series.......

as far a i can tell this is every release 
in the scion a/v club garage/punk 7 inch collection......
              (they have also released a few other rock, metal and hiphop singles, but that's less interesting....)

so click here to grab the first ELEVEN singles in the series......
     (all grouped as one easy to download .zip file)

black lips / pierced arrows
cola freaks / digital leather
king tuff / hex dispensers
human eye / sex beet
jack oblivian / mannequin men
oblivians / andre ethier
reigning sound / last year's men
dirtbombs / davila 666
the strange boys / natural child
kid congo & the pink monkey birds / 
            hunx & his punx
nobunny / jacuzzi boys

and  here to grab THE SPITS two 7 inches

(grouped as another .zip
    so the spits fans can just grab these two releases.....)
the spits "haunted fang castle" ep 
(which is quite weird)  the spits / dan melchior split

some of these singles are no longer available 
for download at scion....... 

so this might be the only place to grab these 7 inches.....

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