Thursday, July 21, 2011

the men- leave home

THE MEN are a brooklyn noise punk quartet that defy categorization.

one might say they do it to disrupt the sub-sub-sub genre scenesterism of the music scene, or maybe cause they have so many good records in their collection they just gotta try some things out.

i can imagine THE MEN playing a noise rock loft show in nyc, and yet at the same time also imagine them opening up for sonic youth in the mid 80s.

pitchfork seems to think every band in the book "THIS BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE" is an influence, and yeah the sst and touch & go reference points make sense.... (husker du "land speed record" or "metal circus" era, jesus lizard, big black)

but THE MEN also meld together noise, psych, punk, post-hardcore, shoegaze and garage rock into hazy loud feedback-riddled mess of an lp.......

LEAVE HOME, just released on sacred bones, is a bit more cohesive and straight forward then their previous lp reminds me of a punked out version of boris' pink lp quite a bit......

anyway you have to check the men out for yerself.

i promise you its worth the time, many listens in and i'm still hooked even if i can't quite describe it.......

.......if you like what you hear, click here for the LEAVE HOME lp.  and here for their previous lp IMMACULADA.

and go see THE MEN for free 
August 12 at 6pm.......

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