Thursday, December 16, 2010

xxxmas mixxxtape

this is a list of xxxmas songs i hold dear....

perhaps not suitable for mall shopping.......

the white wires- ha ha holiday
ramones- merry christmas (i dont want to fight tonight)
fountains of wayne- i want an alien for christmas
fear- fuck christmas
dickies- silent night
super deluxe- all i wanted was a skateboard (but all i got was...)
shadows of the knight- rudolph's off his rocker
the fleshtones- run Rudolph run
sonics- don't believe in christmas
t rex- christmas bop
beach boys- merry christmas baby
big star- jesus christ
raveonettes- christmas (baby please come home)
cute lepers- all i ever want (under the christmas tree)
julian casablancas- i wish it was christmas today
el vez- feliz navid
gary glitter- another rock n roll christmas
tv smith (of the adverts)- xmas bloody xmas
wild billy childish- christmas 1979
reigning sound- if christmas can't bring you home

post script....a download link for this link is forthcoming. i'm searching out a couple of these tracks, but most are located on youtube for yr listening pleasure.....

post post script....... here's the reigning sound with their xmas song, live from chicago

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