Friday, December 10, 2010

best of 2010.

2010 was a great year for music. who says the music industry is dead and/or lame.......

the garage rockers, noise makers, punks and indie kids won't let the music die.....

and i say we all made jay reatard proud that his brand of catchy garage punk is all of my best of this year.

we lost some heroes in 2010, but we found some new ones.......

i suggest you buy everyone of these lps right now, if you haven't already.........

the tiny grooves' top 30 lps of 2010....

1 ty segall- melted
2 harlem- hippies
3 the oh sees- warm slime
4 nobunny- first blood
5 heavy times- dead
6 tyvek- nothing fits
7 the white wires- WWII
8 moonhearts- s/t
9 disappears- lux
10 the bare wires- seeking love

11 mark sultan- $
12 strange boys- be brave
13 white fence- s/t
14 mickey- s/t ep
15 mi ami- steal yr face
16 nothing people- soft crash
17 happy birthday- s/t
18 birthday suits- minnesota mouth to mouth
19 no age- everything in between

20 parting gifts- strychnine dandelion
21 liars- sisterworld
22 cheap time- fantastic explanations
23 male bonding- nothing hurts
24 les savy fav- root for ruin
25 wolf parade- expo 86
26 double dagger- masks
27 gunslingers- manifest zero
28 moon duo- escape
29 deerhunter- halcyon digest
30 demon's claws- defrosting of walt disney

and here is the rest of my music scene wrap up for 2010......

best singles compilation:
wooden shjips- vol. 2
fucked up- couple tracks

best show of 2010:
the gories oct. 22 and 23 at the empty bottle

best song:
wavves- king of the beach

best lp from the old guard:
neil young- le noise

best record label:
trouble in mind

best cover album:
hot rats- turn ons

best lp to buy yr girlfriend-
best coast- crazy for you

best chicago band:
heavy times

best album name and cover art:
black time- more songs about motorcycles and death

best single and split release of 2010:
trouble in mind's record store day 7 inch with
cococoma, ty segall, white wires and the moonhearts

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