Monday, February 16, 2015


although YOU WEREN'T THERE chronicles chicago's early days of punk and BUSTED AT OZ, the
original scene document / live album, has been reissued, much of the windy city's unruly late 70s / early 80s RNR history remains sadly forgotten........

so here to rectify that in a "killed by death" kinda of way is TINY GROOVES!!!!

below is a list of some of chicagoland's most overlooked / most fringe and best PUNK bands.....

and after you cycle through this playlist, you'll realize what a strange weird place the Chicago area scene was back in the day......... and that being PUNK IN CHICAGO MEANT MAKING MUSIC WITH NO REGARD FOR THE RULES.......


post script - i've avoided adding the more renown chicago punk bands (and more straight forward punk and hardcore acts) to this list and stuck to the weirder more outsider edges of the "punk" scene, and yes a few of these bands aren't from the chicago proper but to exclude them wouldn't be fair since all of them played in chicago during the heyday of the "punk" scene......and yes this list is meant to show the world that chicago had a real unique / wild / creative take on PUNK ROCK unlike many other places......  and had a RnR history that needs to be reassessed or at least comped again..........

PENTAJECT CORPORATION "blackmail stretch" 7in

SILVER ABUSE "fall from grace" 7in

DA "dark rooms" 7in

IMPORTS "untitled" 7in

ONO "machines that kill people" lp

END RESULT "ward" lp

TOOTHPASTE  "s/t" 12 ep

THE EXIT "who asked you" 7in

SUNDOG SUMMIT "crude sounding rock" 7in

C*NTS "chemicals in the mail" 7in

SUBVERTS "independent study" 7in

IDENTITY CRISIS "pretty feet" 7in

EPICYCLE "residential area" 7in

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