Friday, November 21, 2014

blind shake - breakfast of failures

BLIND SHAKE return with a new album, their first on GONER RECORDS, entitled "BREAKFAST OF FAILURES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those late to the party, BLIND SHAKE's psych/surf damaged noise punk is some of the most PRIMAL, PROPULSIVE AND ADDICTING ROCK N ROLL YOU CAN THROW ON YER TURNTABLE THESE DAYS!!!!!!!!

clearly collaborating with MICHAEL YONKERS and JOHN REIS have rubbed off on the BLIND SHAKE, but there's SOMETHING UNIQUE to their droned out lysergic two guitar/one drummer attack on psych / punk / garage that makes "BREAKFAST OF FAILURES" is a SERIOUSLY GO-TO RECORD!!!!!!!!!  could be their love for AMREP vitriol, NUGGETS fuzz and obscuro punk oddities that shines through this supercharged set of new songs, or it could be that these guys are some of the hardest working, creative rock n rollers around.....  cuz it certainly shows on their new lp.....

well i've raved about them plenty here at tiny grooves, so you know i'll just leave you with this....

grab it now, and listen below -

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