Friday, June 27, 2014

eastlink - s/t lp

IN THE RED just released the killer s/t debut from aussie drone punks EASTLINK and you need this blast of gnarly blown out RnR ASAP!!!!!!!!

after a couple of stellar fuzz coated / art damaged singles and a self titled tape, EASTLINK is here with their world weary, minimal chord feeback punk statement!!!!!  a sort of anti-thesis on all that is right and wrong in the current state of ROCK N ROLL.   dipping deep in the possibilities of repetition and simplicity borrowed from la monte young on thru krautrock and fusing those lessons to the ugly punk we've all come to love from the aussie scene and thus melding that unwieldy beast to the most damaged / warped outsider psych rock you can imagine, EASTLINK IS A DIRECT REFUTATION on all those cliche loving bands pretending it's still 1968, or 1982 or whatever year certain subgenres of ROCK N ROLL calcified into a mold, ready to the next band to inject their plastic selves into!

EASTLINK is about escape from the narrow demarcations of analog sound that people argue back and forth about.  their name might allude to a highway in australia just as much as it might refer to kraftwerk's mind bending vision of the autobahn.  both bands seeing beyond the possibilities given to them.  EASTLINK transcends punk or perhaps post punk by adding / subtracting psych / noise / melody and leaving nothing but a menacing mess of layered noise for yer ears to meditate / dissect with every listen.  a band with four guitars and a primal drummer and no bass playing anchor, EASTLINK is UNHINGED DISTORTO KOSMISCHE MUSIC FOR THE YOUNG AND REVOLUTIONARY!!!!!!

not recommended for the musically unadventurous.  but definitely for those into SONIC YOUTH, DESTRUCTION UNIT, MONOSHOCK, DISAPPEARS, UV RACE, SPACIN, CAN and the like.......

and well if you read this blog, YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO CHECK OUT EASTLINK NOW!!!!

listen to a few tracks off EASTLINK below -
  and cop yer copy from IN THE RED here !!!!!!

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