Saturday, December 15, 2012

mmoss - only children

Don't write your year end best of lists yet. At least not until you've heard the new album from , entitled Only Children.  In a year filled to the brim with creative and unique psych Lps, TROUBLE IN MIND pressed up one of the best mind altering lps of the year; a long player definitely worth forgetting your credit card debts to buy.

Most of the current wave of psych bands wear their influences on their sleeves (might as well have a jean jacket full of patches of their favorite bands) and end up sounding like rip offs.  But MMOSS somehow bring a whole new level of sonic alchemy to the game.  
They seamlessly meld the guitar tricks, the acid folk stylings and the druggy haze of variant strains of psychedelic rock as we historically know it into something current and mesmerizingly new.  By adding elements such as krautrock's drone, prog instrumentation (yes flute and crazed organ solos) and garage's forcefulness, Only Children is in a class all it's own.  

Mmoss is somewhere out in left field near Cave, Olivia Tremor Control and The Oh Sees, but for sure blazing their own trail in hallucinogenic wilderness.  "War Sux" is an expansive motorik psych blaze of glory, space rocking on for a mind melting ten minutes.  While other songs like "Another Day" are short and sweet AM gold jangle meets acid casualty woozy garage anthems.  Mmoss stretch it out and explore the outer reaches of psych while not forgetting to give us quite a slew of haunting pop psych jams on Only Children

Few bands can mix West Coast hippie psych (think Love, Spirit and Public Nuisance) with the art damaged forays of the late 60s/early 70s UK avant rock scene (Pink Floyd, Arthur Brown, Hawkwind and Soft Machine) into such a eerie and potent elixir.  You're gonna wanna take this trip with Mmoss over and over again 'cause Only Children is the real thing, not some pretend psych rock for the trendy.

and don't wait for your man, hit up Trouble In Mind now.  

watch MMOSS at AUSTIN PSYCH FEST this year......

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