Wednesday, September 19, 2012

nones - shake your brain 7 inch

In '91 it seemed that everyone bought Nirvana's "Nevermind" album, but that same year another landmark LP was released, "Peacetika" by the Cows.  The trajectory of punk / post punk may have had it's pinnacle with the former's landslide into the mainstream.  But those of us who bought that preciously noisy irreverent album by the Cows know that truly great chaotic music would always be frowned by those who just don't / can't understand.   Years later it seems as if those who take noisy art rock seriously are few and far between, so it's refreshing to stumble upon release that lights your stylus on fire like the new 7 inch Shake Your Brain by Chicago's Nones.

Out on none other than Hozac Records, our favorite purveyors of everything scuzzy and loud, this three song oeuvre by Nones is next step in the line of those AMREP and SKIN GRAFT bands that nobody seems to listen to or care about anymore.  "Shake Your Brain" is vitriolic blast of Big Black / Shellac style angst that the world hasn't scene since Steve Albini stopped putting his own noises to tape.  "Defecating Grey" could be a lost Jesus Lizard or Drive Like Jehu cover song albeit in a more Puffy Areolas psychedelic hardcore way.  And the third song, "Aunt Peg" is a evil skronk of noise punk dirge that reminds me of the Slug Guts on a speed binge covering the Flying Luttenbachers.  After one quick listen its apparent that Nones would've easily shared a stage with the likes of Arab on Radar, Harry Pussy or Lake of Dracula back in the heyday of the seedy 90s rock underbelly.

All three songs on this Hozac Records Hookup Klub release are all worthy to be the A side--no sleeper songs here.  I can't wait for a full length from Nones.  It's disappointing that a small number of bands carry on that destructive unhinged tendency of aggro post punk rock , but Nones, fronted by a wild man yelping curses upon the world while playing disturbed free jazz sax backed by the most ferocious gnarly female backing band that has ever existed, carry that banner high.   Maybe if everyone bought that Cows lp way back then, Nones would be as successful as the Flaming Lips. But fuck those alternate universe theories, I'm just content to have three more songs to crank way the fuck up.

LIsten to "Defecating Grey" below, and grab a copy of this 7 inch if you dare.

and watch NONES play SHAKE YR BRAIN 
at the empty bottle below.....

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