Sunday, September 11, 2011

acid baby jesus - s/t debut lp

ACID BABY JESUS is a another great garage rock find from SLOVENLY RECORDS...... how they find these awesome european bands to release on their label I will never know.......

here's what Bazooka Joe has to say about ACID BABY JESUS:   Just months after releasing their massive "Hospitals" e.p., Slovenly Recordings presents the debut full length tidal wave from Greece's Acid Baby Jesus, simply titled, "LP" (702-110). A Mediterranean concoction of two of our favorite "Black" bands (Sabbath/ Lips), ABJ represents the future of heavy psych'n'roll from an isolated, ancient civilization. Combining the ruthless elements of American outlaw roots music and celestial glam rock, like fellow deconstructionists Demon's Claws, "LP" suggests the Rolling Stones at their wearied best, with the electrifying hi-jinks of Brian Eno bulldozing the swagger into the darkest corners of the cosmos.

Among this album's thirteen original compositions, the deathly dirge "Homo Sapiens" claws forth with a twisted, underlying skronk, ending with the terrifying bacchanalia of a pack of disgruntled flying monkeys. Elsewhere, trance inducing lullabies crescendo into fully erupting cacophonies of feedback and distortion. Girl-group icons The Shangri-Las are channeled in the beaty, dark-pop gallop of "I'm A Baby." "Tooth To Toe," with its exotic, percussive clank and uplifting glitter hook juxtaposes brilliantly with its lyrical ode to post-tour poverty ("I've got to pay the rent, my money's always spent, and I'm deep in shit.")

Dynamics play equally as heavy a role as their expert songwriting, and a flawless production job by John Vulgaris rounds this album out with a fresh level of psycho-sonic Alex Chilton-esque throb, heavily peppered with lazy Hazelwood-isms. "LP" presents a long, gooey segue from rave-up to release with breathtaking results, like the best love-making of your life.

listen below.........

and click here to grab their self released tape from 2010.

check them out on tour this fall......
September 2011
12 - Mon - St Petersburg, FL - The Emerald * w/ Ghost Hospital
13 - Tues - Miami, FL - Churchills * w/ Snakehole, 90s Teen, and Honey Train
14 - Wed - Orlando, FL - Substance * w/ Alias Punch and Vein Cranes
15 - Thurs - Gainesville, FL - Boca Fiesta Backyard * w/ The Enablers
16 - Fri - Tallahassee, FL - Retrofit Records * w/ Dune and PsychedelicComandos
17 - Sat - Atlanta, GA - 529 * w/ HotChaCha and Summer People
18 - Sun - Charlotte, NC - Sewercide Mansion * w/ Paint Fumes
19 - Mon - Asheville, NC - The Get Down * w/ Stockpile and Sunshine SS
20 - Tues - Chattanooga, TN - Sluggo’s North * w/ Reigning Sound and Jam Messengers
21 - Wed - Nashville, TN - Grimey’s Records * 6pm
22 - Thurs - Memphis, TN - Escape Alley - (no ABJ) Hell Shovel w/ D Watusi & Party Dots
23 - Fri - Memphis, TN - Escape Alley w/ Viva l’American Deathray and Cheap Time 

                 (after Gonerfest...start time approximately 2:30am Sat morning)
24 - Sat - Memphis, TN - Shangri-La Records (no ABJ) Jeff Clarke solo acoustic w/ Alex Warble
25 - Sun - Jackson, MS - TBC *
26 - Mon - New Orleans, LA - Siberia * w/ Super Destroyers and Dives
27 - Tues - Houston, TX - Mango’s * w/ Psychic Palms and Mikey & the Drags
28 - Wed - Austin, TX - Beerland *
29 - Thurs - Dallas, TX - Bryan Street Tavern * w/ Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go
30 - Fri - Tulsa, OK - The Soundpony *

October 2011
1 - Sat - St Louis, MO - The Heavy Anchor * w/ Doom Town
2 - Sun - Lafayette, IN - Foam City *
3 - Mon - Milwaukee, WI - Quarters Rock and Roll Palace * w/ The Hussy, Orange Iguanas, and AluminumKnotEye
4 - Tues - Detroit, MI - PJ’s Lager House* w/ Deadbeat Beat
5 - Wed - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups *
6 - Thurs - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class * w/ Beach Stav and Cave Teens
7 - Fri - Toronto, ON - The Shop Under Parts & Labour * w/ the Pow Wows
8 - Sat - Montreal, QC - Divan Orange * w/ Primitive Hands
9 - Sun - Montreal, QC
10 - Mon - Boston, MA - Tufts University
11 - Tues - Philadelphia, PA - Little Bar # w/ Faux Slang and TTOTALs
12 - Wed - Baltimore, MD - The Golden West # w/ Garage Sale and The Thing with Two Heads
13 - Thurs - Washington, DC - Hail Hail Rock and Roll Fest @ Asefu’s #
14 - Fri - York, PA - The Depot # w/ the Jons and The Thing with Two Heads
15 - Sat - NYC - 285 Kent w/ Xray Eyeballs, Cassie Ramone, and more!
16 - Sun - NYC
17 - Mon - NYC
18 - Tues - Jersey City, NJ - WFMU live show & interview w/ Liz Berg 2pm
18 - Tues - Brooklyn, NY - Newtown Radio Showcase @ Shea Stadium BK w/ Parlovr, The Immaculates, Foxygen, Mister Melt, and Fort Lean
19 - Wed - Brooklyn, NY - Newtown Radio Session 12pm
19 - Wed - Brooklyn, NY - Don Pedro w/ lividS and the Othermen
20 - Thurs - NYC
21 - Fri - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent w/ Jacuzzi Boys, Colleen Green, Black Marble, The Beets, and Gem Club

watch below:


Joe Diddley a/k/a Bazooka Joe said...

i had nothing to do with finding this band. pete (slovenly aka the stickerguy)menchetti found them. and i'm glad he did. this is truly one of the most important bands that have come along in awhile. like so many other bands that fall into whatever this "genre" may be... it's a shame that this isn't what is what's fashionable. but it is... Acid Baby Jesus, and all their peers, plenty of whom they probably don't even know yet, are the musical artists that matter. and once again, may i reiterate, that this is the discovery of pete. slovenly is currently kicking much ass presenting to you faithful worshippers of "the sound" what we think will be of complete satisfaction. between slovenly's roster of top shelf bands, and my label's (blaCk gladiator) few and far between blasts of nonsense, i think you'll find an organization of straight freakdom that can't be fucked with.

Joe Diddley a/k/a Bazooka Joe said...

and i did write that description. and of course i meant every word of it.