Friday, May 13, 2011

up and comers- the hussy

two piece raucous garage rock from madison wisconsin.  now i know what yr thinking.  is this just another one of those bands copping this lo-fi garage rock style?  that if you took away the feedback and reverb that you'd have nothing left?

NO...the HUSSY are good catchy rock n roll.  throw some nuggets-era garage rock in the mix with 70s punk and you start to get the idea of what they're all about.

the hussy have a stripped down two piece vibe that keeps any unnecessary excess away from yr ears, yep no unwanted keyboards or untalented band members here.  the focus is melodic songs that keep you humming long after the song is done..... these guys would've been very at home on sympathy for the record industry if the label was still going.....

click here to listen to their new lp via bandcamp.

and click here to grab "Sexi Ladi" from their cement tomb mind control LP (out on slow fizz records)

\and check out the tour dates below.   (chicago, make sure to buy these guys a beer when you see 'em)

May 14th - Chicago, IL @ WHPK's Summer Breeze Festival 
  w/ Sic Alps, Heavy Times, Bunny Brains
May 26th - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ The Growlers, The Stranger
May 27th - Bloomington, IN @ The Root Cellar w/ Moscow Moscow Moscow
May 28th - Nashville, TN @ Mt. Swag w/ Pujol, Deluxin', The Ranch
May 29th - Lafayette, IN @ The Black Sparrow w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts (LP Release), Vacation Club
June 2nd - Milwaukee, WI @ The Cactus Club w/ Peach Kelli Pop, The Honey Slides (EP Release)
June 7th - Chicago, IL @ Crown Tap  w/ Radar Eyes, Strychnine
June 8th - Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
June 9th - Athens, OH @ The Smiling Skull w/ Wheels on Fire, B-Side
June 10th - Washington DC @ 1110 Park RD House w/ Maybe Baby
June 11th - New York City, NY @ Fontana'sw/ The Rats, Prospector
June 12th - Jersey City, NJ @ WFMU - Live Set
June 13th - New York City, NY @ Don Pedro's
June 14th - Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Homew/ Plates
June 15th - Columbus, OH @ Carabar/ Day Creeper
June 16th - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class w/ The Wooly Bullies
June 17th - Kalamazoo, MI @ TBA
June 18th - Indianapolis, IN @ The Vollrath w/ Eric and the Happy Thoughts (LP Release),


Anonymous said...

Ay man, could you reup that Hussy link. Sounds killer.

j. amadeus markley said...

here are links for three songs off the lp. if they don't work i can try something else for you....

"Sexi Ladi"

"Pushin' My Luck"

"Have A Say"