Thursday, November 19, 2009

the list. top LPs of of 2009.

as i listened to all these LPs a million times, they made the list.

it was just too difficult to narrow it down to a top 10......

so here's my list for 2009....fucking awesome albums,

just didn't imagine this year was going to follow through on its promise of amazing new did.....

1 obits- i blame you

2 black lips- 200 million thousand
3 ty segall- lemons
4 the oh sees- help
5 jay reatard- watch them fall
6 smith westerns- s/t
7 handsome furs- face control
8 pink mountaintops- outside love
9 double dagger- more
10 the yolks- s/t LP
11 strange boys- and girls club
12 wavves- wavvves
13 health- get color
14 the reigning sound- love and curses
15 girls- album
16 bobby ubangi- inside the mind of...
16 mi ami- watersports
17 almighty defenders- s/t
18 king khan & bbq- invisible girl
19 intelligence- fake surfers
20 lightning bolt- earthly delights

honorable mentions to the following:
kurt vile
condo fucks
white wires
box elders
rain machine
swan lake
sonic youth
mission of burma
jack-o and the tennessee tearjerkers


2die4 said...
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j. amadeus markley said...

agreed. gg king will make my best eps of 09 list...along with deerhunter and others.......

2die4 said...
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