Saturday, July 25, 2009

chicago scene

the smith westerns have their new LP out, glam garage punk perfect for summer afternoons. the hozac LP is distributed through revolver so you ought to be able to get it anywhere, though i think they made less than 500 of the vinyl.

white mystery played their 7 inch record release party at permanent records yesterday. two piece garage that makes you need to dance. their hozac single is super limited so it might be gone this week.......find ms alex white and grab yr copy soon........

the yolks have a new LP out as well, good ol fashioned rock n roll. i still need to pick it up, but i think a band that lent its songwriting abilities to nobunny for a track know how to write a good song.

aside from the garage rock, noise makers cacaw have a new LP out, which i need to buy after seeing them open up for double dagger. fucking abrasive royal trux-ish vein of all those old touch and go records that are slowly getting recognized as classics.........i'll try to find some of their track to post here later.................

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