Sunday, June 7, 2009

kid congo.

just get back from seeing KID CONGO and his pink monkey birds at permanent records.  holy shit it was awesome. 

kid congo was in gun club, the cramps and in the bad seeds, nick cave's band.  the guy has been a part of so much seminal 80s post punk.  and his new band is that same dark garage rock sound that has become very hip, but he's been doing it for years.  

kid congo played 12 songs, most from his new LP on in the red records and 2 covers, gun club's sex beat and the cramps "i'm cramped"

i only wish i could have bought him a beer and asked for some of his stories......

check out one of the songs he played below via lala...... i'll share his new LP with you as soon as i get ahold of it......

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